China Partner is training current and future Chinese Christian leaders with needed ministry insights and methods.

Our training ministry has been developed at the request of the Chinese church leadership to help meet the demand of training their pastors and lay leaders.

We have earned the trust of the Chinese church leadership through our attitude of service and our commitment to working openly and legally with the church in China.

Since 1991 we have been invited to openly train in Seminaries, Bible schools, training centers and local churches.

China Partner has held 144 Pastoral Training Seminars, training over 12,300 Chinese Christian leaders in 42 cities all over China.

We believe that training is most effective through long term relationships.

We respond to the changing training needs of the Chinese churches and mentor them through the implementation of our trainings.

We feel honored to partner with our brothers and sister in China as they reach their country with the life-changing message of Jesus.


Training Teams

We invite trainers from around the world to partner with the Church in China by joining teaching teams on short term ministry trips to China.

Experienced pastors, key Christian leaders and counselors make up our teaching teams.  

Teachers from Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Hong-Kong, Jamaica, New Zealand, Malaysia, Phillipines, Switzerland, and the USA have brought a truly global perspective to the Chinese leaders we serve. 

By the Chinese for the Chinese: Christian leaders of Chinese origin often join our teaching teams. Their proficiency of the mandarin language and understanding of the Chinese culture greatly enhance our training. 


Training Locations

Since 1991 China Partner has been invited to train in seminaries, Bible schools, training centers and local churches in 42 cities.  

We believe that training is most effective through long-term relationships. We build strong ongoing partnerships with pastors and church leaders in many of these locations. This allows us to respond to their changing training needs and mentor them through the implementation of our trainings. 


Training Topics

China Partner develops training materials to meet the training needs expressed by Chinese church leaders.

These training materials empower them to become future teachers, multiplying our training exponentially. In addition, we make our training material available digitally.

Our training topics include: 

  • Evangelism  

  • Pastoral Care 

  • Discipleship  

  • Christian Leadership 

  • Small Group Ministry 

  • Marriage and Family

  • Counseling


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