Pastor Packs

China Partner is providing Christian literature to Chinese leaders, churches, and ministry training centers. 

Christian Books 

Since 1991 China Partner has placed more than 72,000 theological study books and Christian literature in the hands of Chinese Pastors. Each Pastoral Training Seminar (PTS) participant receives a “Pastor Pack” of about 8-10 books, which ministers to them personally and equips them for ministry.

Book titles are selected according to students' needs and often enhance the training topics of a particular PTS. These books become valuable ongoing training tools for these leaders long after our training is completed.  

Here is a sample of topics covered by books that have been provided by China Partner: 

  •  Hermeneutics 

  •  Homiletics 

  •  Old and New Testament Surveys 

  •  Christian Family 

  •  Sin and Suffering 

  •  Disciple Training and Making 

  •  Pastoral Care 

  •  Basic Doctrines of Christianity 

  •  Evangelism and Church Planting 

  •  Church Music 


As of June 2019, Amity Printing Company in Nanjing has printed more than 190 million Bibles*. In fact, Bibles and Christian literature can be openly bought at churches, a few existing Christian book stores and online. China Partner is pleased to supplement this supply by providing popular and practical Study Bibles now readily available.


Training Materials 

China Partner develops training materials to meet the training needs expressed by Chinese church leaders. We make our training materials available to the church leaders after our training in digital format. These training materials empower them to become future teachers of what they learned, multiplying our training exponentially. 

Training Materials include:

  • Evangelism 

  • Pastoral Care  

  • Discipleship  

  • Christian Leadership 

  • Hermeneutics 

  • Small Group Ministry 

  • Christian Marriage and Family


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