Hitler, Mao, & Jesus

An intimate account of Dr. Werner Burklin’s 80 plus years of life and ministry. Born and raised in China, he was indoctrinated with Hitler's ideology, saw the rise of communism under Mao, but later committed his life to Christ. His life and world-wide ministry in over 125 countries reveal a fascinating story!

"What a title! I was deeply moved how deeply Werner loves China and would like to be buried there, if possible." - Billy Graham

"A model of passion, vision and integrity." - Ron Hutchcraft


Jesus Never Left China

Underground churches. Secret meetings. Government persecution. Is this your picture of the Chinese church? Since the dark days of the Cultural Revolution, another China has emerged: Churches regularly reopen, millions of Christians worship freely, Bibles and New Testaments roll off the press, China's Constitution guarantees religious freedom, Westerners are welcome-if they work openly and legally. Dr. Bürklin exposes these and other seldom-reported truths about China. He also scrutinizes secret orders and Falun Gong, shedding new light on persecution. 

“This book dispels the myths and misconceptions so many in the West have about God’s wonderful work in China.” Dr. Richard Mouw (President Emeritus, Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA) 

“He has always endeavored to paint a true picture of God’s mighty work in China” – The late Ruth Graham