About China and Its Church

China Partner is learning and educating individuals outside of Mainland China about China’s culture and policies, the Chinese Church, and how to partner with God’s work there.

Since the first church reopened in Ningbo, China in 1979, churches in China have experienced phenomenal growth. 

Our aim is to build bridges of understanding and partnership between the Chinese Church and individuals outside of Mainland China by providing current and accurate information about the Chines Church. 


Church in China


  • The Chinese Constitution guarantees religious freedom since 1981

  • First church re-opened in Ningbo, China in 1979

  • The first Theological Seminary re-opened in Nanjing in 1981  

  • In 1950 there were approximately 700,000 Christians in China 

  • As of June 2019, Amity Printing Co. has printed more than 190 million Bibles in China* 

  • There are 22 theological schools in China** 

  • There are 60,000 registered churches and meeting points** 

  • There are 57,000 pastoral personnel of registered churches and 200,000 preachers and lay-workers**

  • The above figures do not include the many unregistered churches (example: house churches and urban churches) that exist in China today 

  • Many Christians attend both unregistered and registered churches 

  • Bibles and Christian literature can be openly bought in churches, a few existing Christian book stores

*Based on Amity Printing Co. in Nanjing 

**Based on information given by China Christian Council in 2016


China as of 2018


1,384,000,000 people 

30% are under the age of 25

59% live in urban areas  

One Child policy lifted as of 2016; couples now allowed to have two children


World’s largest exporter since 2010 

World largest economy since 2014


91.6% Han Chinese 

56 recognized minority groups, largest minority group: Zhuang 

95% literacy rate, 99% under 25 

cell phone users: 107 out 100 

Internet users:  53% of population - largest internet market of the world 


Number 1 producer and consumer of electricity in the world 

About 62% of electricity produced from fossil fuels 

Imroved air quality since 2011 and dropped out of top 10 most poluted countries


22% folk religion 

18% Buddhist

5% Christian

52% no religion

* Facts taken from CIA and UNICEF web page 


China's Next Generation 


99% of Chinese youth (15-24) are literate 

[Unicef, “China-Statistic”, Dec 24, 2013]

9 years of education is mandatory by Chinese law since 1986 - six years of primary education, and three years of secondary education

[University of Michigan, “Comparing US and Chinese Public School Systems”] 

The gaokao, or college entrance examination...(that students take) at the end of high school is believed to set the course of one’s life. The score determines not just whether a young person will attend a Chinese university, but also which one — a selection, many Chinese say, that has a crucial bearing on career prospects.

[The New York Times, “Test That Can Determine the Course of Life in China Gets a Closer Examination”, June 30, 2012] 



47% of Chinese teens have had suicidal thoughts (19% US) 

37%  of Chinese teens have attempted suicide (14 % US) 

58% do not believe spiritual development is necessary for leading a satisfying life 

53% are certain that God does not exist 

50% approx. report that information on Internet, movies, textbooks has influence over their thoughts and actions 

39% indicate that anyone who gets married should anticipate divorce

[Metadigm Group. (2011). Attitudes and behaviors of youth: a quantitative study. Data Report China] 


Did You Know?


  • Chinese Christians can openly live out their faith, attend church and purchase Bibles and other Christian literature? 

  • In 1950 there were approximately 700,000 Christians in China. Today it is estimated that there are more than 80 million Christians? 

  • China has one of the fastest growing churches in the world? For example, in Jiangsu province over 100,000 new believers are baptised each year. 

  • One Bible per second is legally printed at Amity Printing Press in China - over 160 million total as of 2017?**

**Based on Amity Printing Co. in Nanjing


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