30 Years of China Partner

Werner with his sister Joy and brother Fred visiting China, the country of their birth
Erik at the construction sight of the Jiangxi Bibleschool
Werner and Erik setting the foundation stone for the Jiangxi Bibleschool
One of China Partner's early teaching teams
Telling about God's work in China has been a central mission of China Partner
The late Inge Burklin (Werner's wife) diligently prayed for the Chinese people and the work of China Partner
Werner visiting China in the 80's
Werner developed a lifelong friendship with the late Bishop Ding, President of the China Christian Council and Nanjing Union Theological Seminary
With one of God's saints - Wang Mingdao
China Partner's first Pastoral Training Seminar in Nanjing in 1991
Equipping Chinese Christian leaders has always been the central mission of China Partner
It has been an honor to give away 72,000 Christian books to emerging Christian leaders in China over the past 30 years
The founding board members of China Partner